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Payeur Distributions Inc., was founded in March 1983 in Ascot Corner, Quebec, Canada.  It is the continuation of the business founded by Mr. Louida Payeur in 1952, at which time Mr. Payeur was sole owner of Louida Payeur Inc.

In the beginning the main activity of Louida Payeur Inc., was the sales and services of farm tractors and equipments.  While continuing the farm machinery business, in 1985 the company started the distribution of the line of Kioti tractors adding the Bearcat chippers and the Grasshoppers tractors in 1990, the Metavic log loaders and trailers in 1994, the Salsco chippers in 2007 and the Timberwolf log splitters in 2008 to its line of products.  Today’s version of The Forester has been developed in 1996; it was designed for the specific needs of the forestry workers and its complete line of accessories and equipments is under continuous development.

Members from the first, second and third generation of the Payeur family are involved in the day to day operations of the business insuring its continuity.  A team of 30 persons work on a full time basis at the head office and branches.